Wellness at Thyme Again Gardens

Thyme Again Gardens understands that every choice can be made with stewardship and betterment in mind whether that be in the kitchen, out in the farm field, or while learning new skills. We extend that invitation to you when you sit at our Bed and Breakfast table, buy from our roadside Farm Stand, or stimulate your senses with one of our Wellness services.

We pride ourselves on living as holistically as possible and have selected Wellness programs we hope will benefit you for years to come. Choose from Holistic Nutrition programs such as customized dietary counselling, personal/family meal planning, and fun, interactive cooking classes or relaxing, rejuvenating Reflexology Treatments.

Life is all about balance. Though none of us makes the perfect choice 100% of the time, Thyme Again Gardens can help guide you into a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Contact us to find out how to add one of our wellness offerings to your stay or if you live locally, how we can best accommodate your needs.