Holistic Nutrition

Food is an adventure, not just something to get you through the day. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

The Thyme Again Gardens Holistic Nutrition programs focus on a natural approach to a healthy diet with your lifestyle in mind. Lorraine Schmid is a Certified Nutrition Practitioner (CNP) who understands food. As a farmer, Lorraine sees firsthand how a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy food choices.

Are you feeling bloated, tired, irritable, or sick?
Do you have gas, constipation, or general digestive problems?
Are you having trouble maintaining a healthy weight?

We believe these symptoms are your body trying to communicate with you. If you’re ready to listen, we invite you to join us in:

  • Personalized dietary counselling to get you back on the right track
  • Cooking classes that will make you love being in the kitchen again
  • Customized meal plans that you and your family will enjoy

Processed and fast foods are everywhere these days. Coupled with a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to get into a rut with bad food choices. Let Lorraine show you how easy it is to make better ones.

We welcome our Bed and Breakfast patrons as well as the local Prince Edward County community to experience our nutrition programs.

Our holistic nutrition programs are individually tailored – contact us for more information on pricing, or to book a consultation.