Guest Blog by Susan Jaehn-Kreibaum: Down to Earth Nutrition Kitchen Tables Talks

Despite the cold and un-spring like weather, 14 guests came together at Thyme Again Gardens on March 20th to learn how to “separate the wheat from the chaff”.

Thyme Again Gardens is an organic farm located on Smokes Point Road run by Lorraine Schmid and Lori Aselstine. Down to Earth is Lorraine’s nutrition & wellness business.

Until last summer, I would zoom past this lovely gem of a farm several times a day as we live at the end of Smokes Point Road. It was our daughter Vivienne who decided that this would be the ideal place for her to work throughout the summer. While working with Lorraine, Vivienne learned much in the world of organic farming, eating local, and supporting our local farmers.

In conversation with Lorraine, who recently graduated with a diploma in Holistic Nutrition, I learned that she too had been diagnosed several years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition our eldest daughter Kate was diagnosed with when she was 14. Lorraine explained that by eliminating wheat and gluten, and many grains and legumes from her diet she was able to stay off medication and regain her health.

Upon arrival on that Thursday evening, we were each given a hand-out of healthy, grain and wheat free recipes. A lovely pitcher of lemon water was set out for everyone to enjoy.

Lorraine explained how our bodies are not meant to be bombarded on a continuous daily basis by so many “foreigners” – i.e. anti-nutrients. The effects of consuming GMOs, processed foods, and grains can have devastating effects on our health, manifesting themselves in all types of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Perhaps, a little information overload for our first evening and I am sure for Lorraine, difficult to condense four years of Holistic Nutritional Schooling into a 75 minute talk. But, it got people thinking that there are alternative ways to eat and to cook, and that we can take our health into our own hands.

This evening was the first in a series of “Kitchen Table Talks”. The next one is tentatively scheduled for early June. Each event will have a different theme and Lorraine will continue to share her vast knowledge and provide us with recipes, as well as the names of new ingredients and where they can be purchased.

The evening came to a close with all guests having the opportunity to sample different foods that Lorraine had prepared. Everything was absolutely delicious, and how lovely to leave with the recipes for all that we had sampled.



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