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Happy Gardening Workshop
May 19, 2019

A group of people sitting under a tree, listening to a speaker giving a presentationA dozen inquisitive gardeners joined us for a Sunday afternoon packed with practical tips to improve your garden and get the most out of your seedlings. Lorraine shared her knowledge and experience on a variety of topics, including soil care, planting, gardening maintenance, companion planting and much more.

Permaculture in Action at Thyme Again Gardens
March 2019

What a great night! About 40 to 50 gardening fanatics gathered in Picton for the PEC Horticultural Society’s monthly meeting. From novice to master gardener, there was something for everyone as guest speakers took to the stage to share their knowledge and passion. Lorraine talked about how we have embraced permaculture at Thyme Again Gardens, and gave tips for how to start including permaculture principles in your life. For more information, or to have Lorraine speak about permaculture at your event, please call us at 613-394-1139, or email us at thymeagain@sympatico.ca

Quinte West Seedy Saturday
March 23, 2019

We enjoyed another successful Seedy Saturday in Trenton this year – lots of fabulous speakers, good food, and great friends!

Cobourg Seedy Saturday
March 16, 2019

We made lots of new friends at Villa St. Joseph in Cobourg. This was our first time selling our seeds at this event, and we will definitely be back next year!



Picton Seedy Saturday
February 23, 2019

There was a wonderful turnout for this event. We saw lots of old friends, and made new ones as well. The great weather brought people out in droves, and everyone was excited to be choosing seeds for their garden this year.



Self Reliance in Food Preparation: Fermentation Basics, 2017

Lorraine led a workshop at Earth Haven Learning Centre on the basics of fermentation. She explained why and how ferments are good for us, and took participants into the kitchen to experience hands-on training in making a variety of ferments.
This ancient technique for storing summer’s bounty is done without chemicals or preservatives. It is not only reserved for cabbage (sauerkraut) but can also be done using radishes, carrots, beans and much more.

2016 Kitchen Table Talk series: “Tomatoes and Zucchinis”

building lasagnetomato tastingOn August 30th, we hosted a two part Kitchen Table Talk, which was very well attended. Before we got started, participants were treated to a Wild Edible Smoothie — just the thing to kick off a great event!

In the first part of the evening, IHN student Lisa Ponizova talked about the health benefits of these two wonderful veggies (did you know they are both actually fruits??), and then shared samples of her now-famous recipes for Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Muffins and Raw Zucchini & Tomato Lasagne.

In the second part, Lorraine and Lana conducted a tomato tasting, and participants rated 26 varieties of tomatoes on taste, texture, and appearance, and provided feedback on whether they would use those varieties regularly in their kitchen. We plan to sue the information to help us decide which varieties to grow next year!

2016 Kitchen Table Talk series: “Garlic and Kohlrabi”

IHN KTTOn July 26, 2016, we hosted an informative presentation by Institute of Holistic Nutrition students Sharon Fong and Alannah Codrington.

Sharon and Alannah were completing part of their IHN practicum at Thyme Again Gardens, under the supervision of IHN graduate Lorraine Schmid (owner of Thyme Again Gardens and Down to Earth Nutrition & Wellness). Together they talked about the health benefits of these two great foods, and demonstrated some great ideas for adding garlic and kohlrabi to your family’s culinary repertoire!

2015 Kitchen Table Talk series: “Ferments and More”

Fermentation Workshop 17-11-15On November 17, 2015 Lorraine Schmid from Down to Earth Nutrition & Wellness, and Thyme Again Gardens, hosted the fourth in her series of kitchen table talks. While Lorraine talked about why and how fermented foods are good for us, participants got hands-on experience making beet kraut, sliced radish ferment, carrot-ginger kraut and kimchi. As a bonus, we lunched on Nori rolls, kombucha, and fermented carrot cake — proving that fermentation isn’t just about cabbage!

Thyme Again Gardens hosted a FoodographyPEC workshop

IMG_2123On September 20, 2015 food Stylist Ruth Gangbar (http://www.ruthscanteen.com/food-styling) and photographer Laura Berman of Green Fuse Photography (http://www.greenfusephotos.com) shared tips and techniques which they demonstrated in a real-time photoshoot using natural lighting. Participants styled their own outdoor and indoor shots of fabulously delicious, beautiful food provided by Thyme Again Gardens.

2015 Kitchen Table Talk series: “What’s in a Label”

On March 18th we were joined by 9 food enthusiasts for the third in a series of Kitchen Table Talks. The theme this week was navigating food labels. Nutritionist Lorraine Schmid from Down to Earth Nutrition & Wellness decoded food label buzzwords, and explained some of the common (but scary) ingredients that we’re likely consuming on a regular basis. She followed up by serving easy-to-prepare delicious alternatives to buying processed foods. It was hard to tell which was the evening’s fan favourite, but Lorraine’s original recipe for MAYCADO — homemade mayonnaise, avocado and some secret ingredients — certainly made a big hit. Participants left with a full stomach, information on food additives and preservatives, and a collection of great recipes.

2015 Kitchen Table Talk series: “Feel Good Through the Winter with Great Comfort Food”

On January 29th, Thyme Again Gardens and Down to Earth Nutrition and Wellness sponsored a great get-together to talk about how eating local foods, in season, can help you shed the extra holiday pounds, make you feel lighter, boost your mood, and eliminate pesky cravings! Certified Nutrition Practitioner Lorraine Schmid explained how raw food in winter can actually warm you up, and discussed the power of fermented foods. But the evening wasn’t all talk — participants tasted an array of fabulous foods prepared during the session!

2014 Olive Oil Extravaganza

Ever wonder about why there are SO many different olive oils, and which one is right for that special recipe you’ve been dying to try? We hosted olive oil tastings and info sharing on August 16th at the Wellington Market, and on August 17th at the farm, with Mia Sturup from our favourite store Olive & Olives in Toronto. It was great fun, and we plan to do it again next year, so stay tuned!

2014 Plant Walk & Medicine Workshop

Herbalist Danette Steele has more than 20 years of experience as a community and clinical herb practitioner. A group of herbal enthusiasts spent the day August 10th with Danette at Thyme Again Gardens to learn about planning an herbal dispensary, identifying medicinal plants, sustainable gathering practices and preparing plant medicines.

2014 Introduction to Biodynamics Workshop

Brought to you by Thyme Again Gardens and the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario. What a fabulous time we al had participating in this introductory workshop with instructor Rosemary Taylor. The course ran on various Sundays from May through November.

2014 Kitchen Table Talk series “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Why Eating Grain-Free is Good for You”

On March 20, 2014, Thyme Again Gardens and Down to Earth Nutrition and Wellness sponsored an informative talk on the benefits of a grain-free lifestyle. 14 food and health enthusiasts joined Certified Nutrition Practitioner Lorraine Schmid for this lively talk, and then sampled amazing recipes that tantalized their tastebuds!

Open Gardens 2013

On one weekend each month this summer, visitors took leisurely strolls through our spectacular perennial gardens, or just relaxed in one of our many seating areas. Sun and shade lovers alike found just the right place to enjoy the scenery!

gardengate21Thanks to our many volunteers, visitors were treated to guided tours of our certified organic farm, and learned about organic, sustainable agricultural practices, and saw firsthand how we are working to provide wholesome, affordable, local food to keep your family healthy.

Special thanks to Trish from Bite Out of Life Nutrition, Sarah from Sarah Ramsden Holistic Nutrition, David from TorontoMovNat, ZoD and Una from ZoD Sauce, and seed savers Carol and Robert Mouck, for making Open Gardens 2013 a smashing success!

Farm Day 2013



On Saturday June 1st, we celebrated our 7th annual Farm Day with about 30 friends old and new, young and young-at-heart! Willing volunteers helped with sheep shearing, weeding, planting potatoes, mulching berries, transplanting seedlings, and tractor maintenance. The weather called for thunderstorms and high winds — we were visited by neither! It was a fabulous day, capped off by our traditional farm luncheon.


Farm Day 2012

farmday2012On Saturday June 2nd Thyme Again Gardens hosted our 6th annual Farm Day. Eager farmers-in-training helped with garden prep, general clean-up and maintenance, setting up new fencing, and moving sheep. In what seems to be a meteorological tradition, Mother Nature dispensed a few showers while we worked – but the wet weather didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. We thanked our helpers with a farm feast. Thanks again to our many friends – old and new – who make this annual event such a treat!


 Farm Day 2011

farmday2011-1On Saturday April 16, 2011 Thyme Again Gardens hosted our 5th annual Farm Day, where friends from near and far joined us for a day of fun on the farm. While we had intended to spend time outdoors building and repairing summer homes for the animals, the weather just didn’t cooperate this year. So the troop suited up and made their way to the barn, where everyone pitched in to clean the pens where the sheep had spent the winter. With many hands (and pitchforks and wheelbarrows), the work went fast. In no time we had a pen emptied and ready for calving. After work, in what has become a Farm Day tradition, we lunched on a veritable feast of Thyme Again Gardens roast chicken, squash soup, several salads, beef and vegetarian chili, fresh baked breads, fruit salad, cake and homemade yogurt. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to join us this year!

Open Garden Tour 2011

tulip-2011On Mother’s Day weekend, May 7th & 8th, Thyme Again Gardens once again played host to a spectacular display of natural beauty. Botanical enthusiasts strolled through fabulous gardens with colourful tulips and other perennials.



Field to Table Family Picnic 2010

recent-tableCo-sponsored with Slow Food Prince Edward County, Thyme Again Gardens played host August 28th to 75 Slow Food members, county residents and visitors from far afield. Participants enjoyed an afternoon of activities including harvesting, making scarecrow, cleaning garlic and the ever-popular competitive Hay Bale Toss. The day was topped off with a sumptuous dinner created from the fields of Thyme Again Gardens. Thanks to all the volunteers far making this a truly memorable event.

Movie Night 2010

On October 2nd Thyme Again Gardens sponsored a community screening of the documentary film FRESH – The Movie, at the Old Church Theatre in Quinte West. We were joined by dozens of local food enthusiasts for this special event. The movie was followed by a lively discussion about ways to shift towards a healthier, more humane, locally based food system. It was truly inspiring to see so many young people passionate about healthy food and sustainable farming practices — it makes what we do at Thyme Again Gardens organic farm worth all the effort!

Tulip Celebration 2010

tulips-whiteThyme Again Gardens hosted a Mother’s Day weekend self-guided tour of our beautifully landscaped gardens on Saturday and Sunday May 8th and 9th. While the weather was not conducive to long leisurely strolls through the gardens, we were happy to welcome a good number of botanical enthusiasts who braved the high winds and occasional snow flurries to herald the coming spring.

Farm Day 2010

2010farm02 (1)Thyme Again Gardens hosted our annual day of farm celebration on Saturday May 1, 2010. This year’s theme was “Let’s Get This Party Started” and our friends certainly helped us get the 2010 farming season off to a great start. From tractor maintenance to fence mending, from weeding to planting, we did it all. Even the kids, dogs and tree frogs helped out (okay, so they mostly supervised, but someone’s gotta run the show, eh)! The skies opened up for a much needed thunder storm and lunch break. After towelling off, famished farm help feasted on Thyme Again Gardens’ own BBQ chicken and pork sausage, a variety of salads, boulangere potatoes, baked pasta, and lots of other great treats. Thanks to everyone who came out to help — we certainly couldn’t have accomplished so much without you!

Tulip Celebration 2009

tulips-orangeOn May 9th and 10th, Mother’s Day weekend, Thyme Again Gardens played host to a special Tulip Celebration. This self-guided tour included four venues in Carrying Place and Consecon.

Spokesperson for the event, professional landscaper Sue Domshy, was clearly excited about the prospect of showcasing four very unique spring garden styles: “this is a great opportunity to see a large variety of tulips and other perennials, in beautifully landscaped gardens”.

Close to 50 visitors, from as far away as Brampton and Ottawa, strolled through the different grounds, enjoying over fifty tulip varieties, and discussing plantings with event organizers. The event, which was highlighted in the Wellington Times, promises to be an annual feature at Thyme Again Gardens.

Farm Day 2009

earth09-1Thyme Again Gardens hosted our annual day of celebration, in honour of Earth Day, on Saturday, April 18, 2009. This year’s theme was Livin’ in the Garden of Weedin’. Friends from far and wide helped us get our perennial gardens in shape for the coming season, participating in a full spring clean-up, which included leaf removal, fertilizing and composting, using all natural supplements (who knew kitchen waste could look so good!). Fence building and tractor maintenance were also a key features of this year’s work. In what has become a tradition, after a hard day’s work we feasted on a scrumptious luncheon featuring farm fresh fare.


In June 2009, the Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs announced the recipients of the 2008 Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Awards. As a proud member of the Quinte Organic Farmers’ Cooperative, Thyme Again Gardens shared in the excitement of being recognized as Regional Award Winner. In a ceremony hosted by OMAFRA Minister Leona Dombrowsky, our Co-op was one of 55 winners of the 2008 Premier’s, Minister’s and regional awards. With more than 180 applicants competing for the coveted awards, we are proud to be a part of this important celebration. In the words of the Minister, “the ideas that spring forth as a result of agri-food related innovations will not only ensure the ongoing vitality of our agri-food industry, but also leave a legacy for generations to come — some may even change the face of the agri-food sector.” Congratulations to all of our fellow winners!

Farm Day 2008

earth08-1Once again, we were fortunate to be joined by friends to celebrate Earth Day — and this year’s theme was Repaying Mother Nature. Eager volunteers helped us invigorate the Thyme Again Garden ecosystem, by planting a variety of hearty trees. Our honourary backhoe operator got us started, digging trenches for almost a dozen new additions to the property (so much easier than the back-breaking work of digging by hand!). Thanks to our volunteers, we had the area looking great in no time! We ended the day with a wonderful farm lunch, featuring a variety of dishes made from our very own fare.

Farm Day 2007

earthday07BWe were joined by friends for a day of clean-up to celebrate Earth Day. Eager volunteers from as far away as Toronto gathered broken glass, discarded cans, old barbed wire fence and other debris from an area we wanted to open for sheep grazing. We moved fallen logs and large boulders to make a safe pathway for the gang to walk through the woods. We even unearthed a set of bed springs and an old wringer washing machine! What on earth were people thinking when they used part of this beautiful farmland as their personal waste disposal site?

Thanks to our many volunteers, we had the area cleaned up in no time! We ended the day with a scrumptious luncheon featuring fresh farm fare, followed by a tour of the farm — where our young worker Oscar made friends with Percy the Ram!

Artists on the Farm 2007

ass07-artistsThe Animal Sketching Society (A.S.S.) graced our acreage in July to celebrate 07/07/07! Artists of all ages (including amateurs, professionals, and budding proteges) joined us for a morning of sketching and photography. The horses, lambs and pigs all stood idly by as their images were captured for posterity … although the horses did try to join in on the fun by stepping through the fence to take a closer look at their emerging likenesses!

The morning’s activity was capped off by a lovely picnic in the perennial garden, and a much-deserved nap for the younger artists!