Experiences – Recent

Self Reliance in Food Preparation: Fermentation Basics

September 17, 2017

Lorraine led a workshop at Earth Haven Learning Centre on the basics of fermentation. She explained why and how ferments are good for us, and took participants into the kitchen to experience hands-on training in making a variety of ferments. This ancient technique for storing summer’s bounty is done without chemicals or preservatives. It is not only reserved for cabbage (sauerkraut) but can also be done using radishes, carrots, beans and much more.

2016 Kitchen Table Talk series: “Tomatoes and Zucchinis”

On August 30th, we hosted a two part Kitchen Table Talk, which was very well attended. Before we got started, participants were treated to a Wild Edible Smoothie — just the thing to kick off a great event!

building lasagneIn the first part of the evening, IHN student Lisa Ponizova talked about the health benefits of these two wonderful veggies (did you know they are both actually fruits??), and then shared samples of her now-famous recipes for Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Muffins and Raw Zucchini & Tomato Lasagne.

tomato tasting

In the second part, Lorraine and Lana conducted a tomato tasting, and participants rated 26 varieties of tomatoes on taste, texture, and appearance, and provided feedback on whether they would use those varieties regularly in their kitchen. We plan to sue the information to help us decide which varieties to grow next year!


2016 Kitchen Table Talk series: “Garlic and Kohlrabi”

On July 26, 2016, we hosted an informative presentation by Institute of Holistic Nutrition students Sharon Fong and Alannah Codrington. IHN KTT

Sharon and Alannah were completing part of their IHN practicum at Thyme Again Gardens, under the supervision of IHN graduate Lorraine Schmid (owner of Thyme Again Gardens and Down to Earth Nutrition & Wellness). Together they talked about the health benefits of these two great foods, and demonstrated some great ideas for adding garlic and kohlrabi to your family’s culinary repertoire!


2015 Kitchen Table Talk series: “Ferments and More”

Fermentation Workshop 17-11-15On November 17, 2015 Lorraine Schmid from Down to Earth Nutrition & Wellness, and Thyme Again Gardens, hosted the fourth in her series of kitchen table talks. While Lorraine talked about why and how fermented foods are good for us, participants got hands-on experience making beet kraut, sliced radish ferment, carrot-ginger kraut and kimchi. As a bonus, we lunched on Nori rolls, kombucha, and fermented carrot cake — proving that fermentation isn’t just about cabbage!